For your convenience, below please find an updated listing of our staff. We hope this will save you time and enable us to provide better service for you. You can always talk to your Agent/Account Executive any time you prefer. However, we would encourage you to contact the office support staff directly for most routine matters and emergencies as well, if your Agent is not available.

Name Ext. e-mail Title / Department / Clients
James J. Axon 114 Vice President / Account Executive
Marc Bergeron, CIC 129 Assistant Manager
Commercial Insurance
David A. Boutiette 130 Account Executive
Michael Carney 115 Account Executive
Richard Caruso 131 Account Executive
Julie Centeno 139 Certificates of Insurance
Denise d'Entremont 121 Assistant Manager
Commercial Insurance CSR
Tonya DeGrazia 149 Bonds: I, J, K, W;
Certificates of Insurance A, D, J, M, O, V
Adam W. DeSanctis 128 President / Account Executive
Jonathan Duggan 112 Account Executive
Robin Dusvitch 147 Commercial Auto Supervisor
Tiffany Fuentes 124 Personal Insurance CSR
Christine Gallagher 126 Bond Supervisor; Bonds: A, B, C, D, E, F;
Certificates of Insurance H, I, K, L, U, X
Michael T. Gilbert 117 Treasurer / Account Executive
Bryan F. Juwa 150 Account Executive
Gregory D. Juwa 113 Senior Vice President / Account Executive
Marissa Lopes 127 Claim Department
Lindsay Knowlton 120 Certificates of Insurance
Anastasia Kopp 132 Auto Department
Cindy Maes 123 Workers Compensation CSR
Paul R. Norton, CIC 118 Manager/Vice President, Commercial Insurance
Maria O' Brien 111 Clerk; Office Manager; Bookkeeping
Lesly Ortiz 119 Bonds: G, H, N, Q;
Certificates of Insurance: B, C, F, N, T, W, Y, Z
Paul A. Patalano 146 Account Executive
Wilder Parks, Jr. 116 Account Executive
Rebecca Shanley 110 Bonds: M, O, P, R, S, T;
Certificates of Insurance: E, G, P, Q, R, S
Hinna Sharwani 135 Commercial Auto CSR
Andrea Toste 122 Claim Department
Jaimie Touayl 138 Commercial Insurance
Jill Troisi 151 Commercial Insurance CSR
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