At DeSanctis, we have the expertise to help you secure or increase your bonding line of credit. Our staff’s surety depth and experience is second to none, with over 50 years of surety company training you can rely on. Our bond producers are cross-trained in the intricacies of construction insurance and are backed by a highly skilled underwriting staff, trained by insurance companies and capable of resolving the most difficult of insurance predicaments.

It’s our main goal to establish an effective, long-term relationship between you and your surety company. Since we have solid relationships with a variety of surety companies in a broad spectrum of markets for both large and small contractors, we are able to analyze your needs and requirements to find the one that fits you best.

We offer:

  • Fair deals – competitive pricing
  • Depth of experience
  • Understanding of the construction industry
  • Prompt answers on bond requests

From the markets that we represent, to the people that we employ, to the support programs that we have designed specifically for contractors, we have one objective in mind…to be New England’s best contractor-oriented insurance agency. Contractor’s bonding and insurance is our business and we’re good at it.

We’d like to meet with you to discuss your business and learn more about your bonding and insurance needs. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.


There are several types of construction industry specific bond programs including bid, performance and payment bonds.

Bid Bond – When submitting a public bid, contractors are required to provide a bid bond. Through the bid bond, the project owner receives a guarantee that, if awarded the contract, the contractor will carry out the work on project for the bid price. The bond guarantees that the surety company will pay the difference in the bid price between the contractor and the next lowest bidder in the event that the contractor fails to fulfill the contract.

Performance Bond – Through a performance bond, the surety company promises to pay the project owner in the event that the contractor does not successfully complete the project in accordance with the unique specifications provided in the contract.

Payment Bond – By issuing a payment bond, the surety company guarantees that the contractor will pay for all laborers, supplies, etc. This type of bond helps to protect the project owner against liens if the contractor fails to pay project-related expenses.

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